Best Kerala Whatsapp Group invite Links Malayalam 2020

Join Kerala WhatsApp Group Links 2019 Best WhatsApp Group Links Malayalam That Is Very Helpful To You. Currently, We Are Providing You With Some WhatsApp Group

Kerala WhatsApp Group Links
If you’re from Kerala and searching some Kerala WhatsApp groups to get connected with individuals then this website includes a number of WhatsApp groups for Kerala people.

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These Kerala WhatsApp group links are created for the people that are in want of one thing, such as you will talk to others and share your issues, prepare for exams and government jobs or do share your feelings.

These rules are some of the most common for any kind of WhatsApp group and I suggest you read them all to stay in the group without getting removed by the admin. Indian Whatsapp Group Link also, we suggest you ask the admin related to the group rules.
  • You should give respect and take respect from the group members
  • Don't personally message any of the group members without there permission
  • Stay active in the group
  • don't share any kind of adult content in the group until & unless you are 18+ WhatsApp group
  • Please do not spam the groups with unnecessary messages
  • If you have any kind of problem with the group then we suggest to contact the admin of the group.
  • No sharing of Off-topic messages
  • Do not send repeated messages in the group
  • No religious posts
  • No fighting or abusing in the group
  • Join these groups only if you are above 18 years old.

How To Join WhatsApp Groups From This Website

To join any WhatsApp group link from this website you need to select the WhatsApp group first and then click on the join chat button and it will redirect you to your WhatsApp Messanger. Join Whatsapp Group
Once you are redirected then you need to select the option join chat and you will be inside the WhatsApp group.
That's it. you have successfully joined the WhatsApp group from this website.

Best Kerala Whatsapp Group invite Links Malayalam 2020

How To Remove WhatsApp Group Members?

After adding your group on this website you will start getting members in your group. there will be good people as well as bad people who start spamming the group with reading any group rules so you need to remove them from the group so that you can stop your group from getting spammed. Whatsapp Group Join Link so to stop it you need to remove the member who is doing all this and if you don't know how to remove the members from the group then do read the steps which are mentioned below so that you can get rid of these spammers.

Open the group in which the members are spamming and click on the name of the group.
Now scroll down a little and you will start seeing the mobile numbers of that members.
Simply find the spammer mobile number and click on that number.
Now you will see a few options in which one of the options is "Remove Member"
Click on that option and that spammer will be removed successfully.
That spammer will no longer be able to join the group again even with the group invite link but until and unless you add manually by yourself.

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